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“Liberate your body, mind and spirit from your past to live at your highest potential every day.”

Have Questions?

Awaken your…


Are you done dabbling in your life and want the real thing?

Are you hungry for a deep dive into a true sense of your power and depth?


In the Rhys Thomas Institute Life Mastery Training Program get the training of a lifetime!

You are in the right place if you are thinking seriously that this is your year to make changes.

What if you made this corona virus era your time to completely redesign your life that is aligned with your soul and fill with joy and purpose.

For the 2020-2021 School Year, due to the pandemic, we are holding class virtually only.

How often do you wake up early with your heart pounding, worried about your day or realize you were dreaming about what stresses you most?

What could you do if you woke up each morning, restored and revitalized and excited to jump into your day?

Heal from the inside out

If you are ready to heal what is deepest within you, and ready to become a FULLY INTEGRATED, AUTHENTIC and LOVING person who is an INSPIRATION to yourself and others…

Don’t let another year go by

“In the Life Mastery Training you will liberate your body, mind and spirit from your past to live at your highest potential every day”

The RHYS THOMAS INSTITUTE LIFE MASTERY PROGRAMS give you clarity of your soul’s purpose and a road map to living it. The teamwork coaching helps you gain the courage to break the mold and share your true inner gifts. Similarly, the energy healing work opens you to energy and intuitive wisdom you never knew you had to heal and inspire.

Your deepest purpose calls you in every moment to stand up and make a difference. We make sure you do it.


No program goes deeper!

The Rhys Thomas Institute is a fully integrated healing and transformational system that combines ancient healing wisdom from hundreds of modalities, cutting edge transformational science and quantum physics, energetic chi training, master teachers and a huge community of support you will never find all in one place ever again.

What does it take to master your life?
Change doesn’t happen instant presto, but it unfolds over time, especially change that lasts.

The path to mastery is not an overnight thing, it takes time a wholy new environment and way of thinking to change habits and clear old patterns.

If you want to systematically release one whole level of your life so you can open to the blessing and possibility of a new one is what the Life Mastery Training Program offer you.

That is why I created this year long program that integrates the best of all I have discovered over the last 20 year in energy medicine, to give you the inner tools to design your life exactly as you want it to be, a full expression of your soul.

Are you ready to make this coming year one in which your redesign your life in a powerful new way?

Do you want to go through a year of truly liberating the power you have always know was within you?

Do you want your life to be almost unrecognizably better than it is a year from now?

Do you want to throw off the shackles of decades of old stories and patterns?

The Rhys Thomas Institute is a deep dive integrated journey of awakening, healing and lasting transformation that will builds within you a deep foundation for evolving yourself in the long haul and making a profound shift in your life.


Hear from our students…

“The Rhys Thomas’ Life Mastery Training Program is unparalleled in its brilliance, insight, and scope for tapping into your true power for a total transformation in your life.  LMT utilizes an array of tools that helps you unlock who you truly are, what your superpowers are, your archetypes and your own unique essence.  Since graduating from the school last year, my life has completely transformed.  Where I used to navigate through the world with low-grade anxiety, now I do so with a low hum of happiness (and that’s on a bad day!) and excitement, empowerment, and optimism.  Everything is more fun, I look forward to each day and feel that I’m riding the waves of possibility.  Rhys Thomas is a brilliant teacher with an uncommon and sage-like ability to see you, who you truly are and what your great potential is, and shine it up to diamond-like brilliance.   Having the energy of the school in your life is like having the wind at your back always – it is a very special place indeed.”

Daintry Jenson, Actress

“When I started school, I felt I needed to make the choice between continuing to live in the dark or the light… I chose light…. the school appeared… The school guided me to places I didn’t even know existed in me… the love and support the teachers and my classmates give are priceless. The healings and meditations are my favorite parts of the school. I can’t thank Rhys enough for creating this world for us! I have healed past wounds and am now able to let go of what held me back in the past to live with more joy and freedom now.”

Ivonne Frohn

We Make It Easy For You to Attend Class

THE LIFE MASTERY TRAINING PROGRAM (LMT) is a full year of training, set up to disrupt your life as little as possible. Our VIRTUAL class dates for the 2020-2021 session will be November 20-22nd, January 8-10th, February 19-21st, March 19-21st and April 9-11th.

You only need to meet 5 weekends in a year.   

Attend the program virtually from the comfort of your home.

The 5-class weekends are delivered in a 3-day immersion format, Friday-Sunday

Instant Access to Rhys’
30 Days of Self-Healing through the Chakras

There are 4 levels of Mastery training that must be done sequentially (LMT levels I, II, III and Graduate Level)


The program is signed up for 1 year at a time, a multi-year commitment is not required. Each year is a complete training.



…around your bigger purpose, relationships, and career?


To access your highest potential?

THE COURAGE to change

…anything in your life that does not serve your highest purpose?


…of supportive loving and fun relationships?




The LIFE MASTERY TRAINING PROGRAM at the Rhys Thomas Institute is so much more than the typical healing or personal growth technique program. 


Healing is not just a technique you can learn.  There are over 7000 energy healing modalities worldwide that you can learn, but not one of them makes you a healer when you learn it.

Becoming a healer means healing what is deepest with you and becoming a fully integrated, authentic and loving person who is an inspiration to yourself and others.  If the healing technique matches your deeper inner purpose, your life becomes a vehicle to inspire others, just like public speaking in the case of Martin Luther King.


The healing work we do at RTI is “mastery” level healing, or “full spectrum” healing work of the highest order.  Practical in an application, each healing is designed to heal specific imbalances in the chakras and energy body, and each one is like learning 5 healing modalities in one since each one teaches how the body, the mind, and the spirit can be totally integrated through that chakra. 

There are 12 chakra dimensions of your consciousness that must be in balance, for you to be vibrantly healthy. Most people live primarily out of 2 or 3 of them. For instance, doing heart or emotional work, or mental work, you can resolve physical or life symptoms, but in reality, it only opens 1 or 2 of the 12 chakra centers, therefore, leaving you falling back into the old illness or negative pattern within days or weeks since most of the system is still blocked. 

The goal of healing work is not just a symptom of relief, which is just a band-aid, and also, not the primary reason of doing healing work.  Only when your entire field and soul purpose are in alignment does illness of a lower magnitude disappear, like it was never there.  Rewiring your system to a higher frequency and consciousness is the real goal of healing.  We never take our eye off this truth when teaching healing.  That is why what we teach in the Life Mastery Training is such a powerful catalyst for change. When you can self-heal and live in a deep sense of purpose, you will naturally inspire others to do the same.  This is when you are a healer.  How you end up healing in the world then is based on life purpose training that must be done concurrently with the healing work.    


Not knowing your deepest sense of soul purpose is the cause of all stress, illness, bad relationships, and work problems in life.

All life purpose systems, or “personality” discovery systems to date other than the Rhys Method ® Life Purpose Profiles, are behavioral-based. That means they can’t really help you unless you already know who you are.


The reason is that 80%+ of your behaviors is programmed into your unconscious, not by you but by your environment before the age of 7.  From birth till age 7, your brain is still in the Theta state of full suggestibility and as a consequence, you define yourself by how others see you not from inside out. 

For instance, if you were born to lead, but as a little girl you were told, “bad girls are bossy” and, “good girls put everyone else first,” your behavior over your lifetime would just tell you that you are a caretaker who has no needs.  But you would have some serious anger and possibly control issues that come out sideways in your life and you can’t figure out why.  

Behavioral tests will simply reinforce your unconsciously programmed beliefs, even though the reason you searched them out was that being who you right now might feel like there is something missing. 

What is missing in those systems is your truth.  The Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles are a soul and chakra energy based.  Your energy, you do not get to choose, just how you use it, i.e. your behavior.  Your behavior is only one small factor in how you discover your purpose in life.  All the other elements of who you are a much better way to discover it. 

You have the perfect body, place in the world, people you attract, inner gifts, heart, vision, and mind to fully live our purpose and be blissfully happy in every moment.  The only reason you are not is that you have not dug deep enough to let go of your limited programming to access the truth of who you really are.  At RTI, we excavate your authentic self in every part of the program through feeling it and not by trial and error.  Your life is way too important for that.

Trying to figure out who you are based on your behavior or on who you think you should be is a fool’s journey.  There is no other program in the world that teaches you to find and live your unique, never-seen, soul’s purpose as its primary aim.    



The training of a master must leave no stone unturned.  In the Life Mastery Training, we teach that there are 12 distinct vibrational frequencies of consciousness within your energy field we call chakras that must be fully experienced, mapped and honored within you if any of your life is going to make sense.

Chakras are the body of the soul.  No different than having legs to walk, hands to grasp, eyes to see, brain to think, and voice to speak, these 12 energy centers are the reason you have those body parts and awareness and why they are totally different from anyone else you know.


The 12 represent the parts of your soul consciousness that tell your legs where to walk, what to grab in life, where to look, what to think and what to say so that you can fully express and live your soul’s highest purpose in each moment. 

There are even higher spiritual chakras whose specific function is to place your 7 primary chakras into this space, in this universe, right now, and another one that holds all our contracts as to how you are here to play your part in unifying humanity.  Wouldn’t it be good to know that before you step off the curb?

Mastery training must be to master all 12.  Most training programs don’t even know all these levels exist.  They tend to be highly focused on feeding a few chakras, not all.  Maybe they are meditation focused, or chi focused, or healing focused, or yoga focused, etc.

Only at RTI, we are dedicated enough to make sure we give you the tools to navigate and master every level of your life and consciousness.  From the very first training, we teach you to see how you have consciously or unconsciously blocked these centers to protect yourself, then how to heal them and open them, then how to express and live through them consciously which is the ultimate purpose of a spiritual work, to live it not just know about it.

At the end of the course, you will have a map of your entire body energy forevermore.  Everything that goes into that chart is a direct experience of your soul’s truth and purpose for you.  Each element of the program teaches you to fill in one of the many key powers in each of your chakras, from vows against the chakra, archetypes that the charka serves, to the shadow energy trapped in the chakra. This must be freed if you are going to access the extraordinary power you need to live an extraordinary life. 

Once you have done this, your life and past are no longer a mystery or a sense of stress or failure. Now, you look forward to the mystery of how your purpose will be revealed to you today and each day.  You can feel your destiny in every moment and move directly towards it, no longer a ship without a rudder.


Sound healing, drumming, tuning forks, crystal bowls, digeridoo’s, gongs, etc. are becoming popular as spiritual tools with healers. In new age book stores and yoga classes and studios, sound and music is a great way to distract or soothe the wild beast of the mind and reduces stress. 

At RTI, we are not looking for gimmicks, but only looking for the premier healing tools that directly affect the body and mind immediately and profoundly. We are looking for premier healing tools that will accelerate the healing and the transformational process.  


Most spiritual practice has one goal: quiet the over-active mind.  Being able to shut down the brain long enough to listen to the guidance of all 12 chakra centers without the constant chatter of the brain can take a meditator 10 years of practice. With the crystal bowls, a deep revelation can come in minutes while meditating for the first time. 

We have found that though very expensive to buy, the best sound healing tool to use for healing, meditation, and shift in consciousness is far and away crystal bowls. 

The reason bowls work so well is that the human body is crystalline in nature.   Water that makes up 98% of our cells is a crystal, and bones are crystal too and act like crystal tuning forks. This means the field around the body that is creating the body and holding the electromagnetic waves resonates at a crystal octave.  Since there are little metals and no woods in our body’s tones, metal or wood instruments do not directly come into sympathetic resonance with the human body or energy field and so do not have the instant and powerful effect crystal bowls do. 

Crystal bowls are a master healing practice of Rhys Thomas whose primary gift as a healer is his ability to Soul Read the inner purpose and core in others.  From the day he held his first crystal bowl and now almost 20 years later, he realized that when he plays a bowl whoever shares their experience speaks directly from their soul’s purpose, therefore, deepening their connection to their soul instantly.   

During the Life Mastery Training program, Rhys brings his full set of over 40 crystal singing bowls that range from 6 inches to 24 inches in size and plays a concert of crystal bowl tones that directly awaken the soul to speak through each of the 12 chakra gateways.  Then he teaches the students how to use the experiences to gain direct guidance in answering the big questions of their lives.  Crystal bowls are also used during all meditations and energy work to enhance the experience by quieting the mind quickly and accessing a higher frequency to creative energy.

One of the primary goals of the Life Mastery Training is to move beyond the language of words and shift to the language of the energy body and soul which is a felt language.  Crystal bowls teach that language. 

Rhys has had his bowls professionally recorded and blended to create powerful healing and transformation in anyone who listens to them, as well as embeds them behind the meditations he creates. Students have access to a huge library of tones and meditations to support them throughout the program. 


By the age of 35, most people have limited their relationships to business, family, sexual, and friends who will never challenge them in any deep way. That include religion, spirituality, and clubs.

The Harvard study on happiness and longevity showed that isolation is the greatest killer of all time. The second is, being surrounded by people you don’t like or have to be with or who don’t stimulate you.


At RTI Life Mastery Program, we understand that, and we have created a sacred soul group environment in one of our top priorities.    

The first part of the program is introducing the students to each other through the lens of their deeper purpose, and through many exercises and healings that will reveal their true inner soul rather than the mask, they would normally present in any group. 

What is the importance of soulmate interaction? 

Soulmates are contracted to meet you on your path.  Often, people are called to RTI but cannot rationalize doing it. Often, the calling was to meet their soulmates who would teach them more about being happy than anything we teach in the program.  Not going, they lose way more than the wisdom of the class.

Soulmates always appear as a chance meeting. People from different walks of life come in every year.  We take 50 students each year and they are all coming to the program for different reasons. 

The key with real soulmates is that there seems to be no good reason to like them, they just make you happy.  Soulmates also don’t play along with your story, they love the real part of you too much.  Their job is to keep you on your path and are ruthlessly unwilling to let you play small, they would rather walk away from your life rather than enable you.

Soulmates share a specific ray of soul energy which when felt is like a kind of unconditional love, you can only know it by feeling it in a soulmate relationship, or maybe 50.  After you have felt it, you will start letting go of relationships that are of lesser purpose and you realize that it is the camaraderie of your soul group that spurs you on to do great things in the world and you are that for them. 

No spiritual training is complete without understanding the value and power of soulmates.

Hear from our students…

“I was focused on fixing my life, but what I didn’t know was where I was broken. The chakra learning and the healings were enlightening. The 4th chakra weekend was the biggest “Aha” for me. I came into the class hoping to heal what I felt was the most broken parts of me. What I received was the gift of a new connection with my heart through the loving support of my classmates and teachers.”

Robin Crampton

“On the outside, I was at the top of my career which most would consider “successful”, but on the inside, I wasn’t happy. In fact, I felt lost. Since I started the school, 2 years ago, I have a much clearer sense of who I am and what I want. I have also recognized the reason I was so unhappy was because I wasn’t living “my life”, I was living the life everyone else expected me to. The homework made me dig deeper and the feedback received from the teachers pushed me even further. The healings were amazing in every way, most specifically because it allowed me to give and receive as well as to feel. My classmates were so supportive and the teachers so talented and patient. The biggest benefit, so far, has been the realization of who I really am and what I really want. Identifying my vows and freedom statements were so helpful in peeling back the onion and taking the next step to stepping out of defense and into my core.”

Amy Spinelli

“The virtual program was very convenient, intense and a life changer for me. The amount of value I got from the live part and the material online was so deep and complete. Our online teachers got to know each one of us and could totally support, guide and just be present with us. And my online colleagues are truly my soulmates. Rhys Thomas is so genuine and so giving… it’s like a dream come true.”

Nomita Mehta

The Rhys Thomas, Life Mastery Training-Virtual Program, contributed in a multi-dimensional way to my healthy growth, in the last year!

It is so much more, than “just a psychological approach!”

It provided me with the opportunity to be in a supportive tribe, while working together with great teachers who facilitated the individualized, growth process.

I highly recommend the online program to anyone who is ready to commit to learning who they truly are, yet like me could not take the time from my work schedule, to go to Boston 5 times a year. Five weekends, off-sight, at home, worked well for me. I am now continuing in person in LMT2, and I am looking forward to going even deeper into loving me!

Carol Arent

How We Deliver

The Mechanics of the VIRTUAL On-Line Life Mastery Training Programs 

5 Powerful Immersion Weekends

The entire 3 day weekend and everything that happens in the first year program is live streamed except the individual processing which live stream attendees get with their individual instructors

Master Level Teaching Staff, Team Teaching from Day 1

The students will be part of all lead teacher lectures and will have their own teacher assistant who will do the deeper process and exercises with them.

Personal Feedback Sessions on Your Homework

You will be given homework to deepen your experience of each weekend and prepare for the next class. Each student then receives personal one-on-one coaching feedback from their teachers before every retreat weekend so you enter each weekend with clarity and purpose!

Between Class Q/A Teleclass

Get support and ask questions whenever you feel like through the open Q/A session with your lead teachers.

Total access to teachers and Rhys Thomas via e-mail

You are never more than an e-mail away from getting any question answered!!

Secure Student Resources Website

All of your student resources and tools right at your fingertips!

Private Student Facebook Group

Teacher monitored platform to bond with classmates, so any question(s) trigger immediate teacher response.


In-class process, dyads and healing work is all done virtually on the Zoom platform between the live streamed lectures.


Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy healing into a science of personal empowerment.

My name is Rhys Thomas for the first 39 years of my life I was a high performance coach, professional athlete and martial artist. When I turned 40, I wanted to know “why” even though I appeared to be successful in almost every part of my life and career, I still felt empty.

Then I got serious and attended a 4 year training in energy medicine that introduced me to chakras and the idea that my highest potential had to do with how I managed my energy in every area of my life. Energy work helped me realize that I was not empty, I had just blocked my ability to feel and see greatest gifts. I had blinders and didn’t know it. I was putting more attention on living society’s dream of success, not my soul’s. But even this did not fully heal me, there was something missing.

That is why I created the Life Mastery Training Program and my 4 Dimensional Healing system that has integrated my years of high performance training and ancient healing and energy wisdom that has changed thousands of people’s lives worldwide.

This year the is world shifting, and lives are being uprooted from what was safe in the past, so am doubly driven to help you liberate what is truly an extraordinary power within you so you can thrive where others are feeling lost.

The future is uncertain so now is the time to rebuild from the inside out. I use the latest high performance physical, mental, life purpose guidance, and ancient spiritual healing techniques to show you a wholly new path to energize your relationships, your career and your personal health in a way that becomes a catalyst for bringing your inner gifts out of hiding so you can directly impact the lives of everyone you touch, and thrive in a new economy.

What has taken me the last 20 years to create I will share with you in 5 weekend virtual trainings. I wish someone had give this to me 30 year ago.

This information is like dynamite for anywhere you are stuck in your life or feeling disconnected or unfulfilled. Now it’s your turn to use this wisdom to take your life, like I did from empty to fulfilled, energized and joyous.

When you say “YES” to this awakening and evolutionary journey deep into your soul’s purpose where you will unlock your greatest gifts and learn to bring them out into your life and the world.

Hear from our students…

“I was overweight and felt so alone. Now I am 3 sizes smaller and even though I am not in a relationship I am so not alone. I fought myself out of the corner finally, that was my final challenge to myself.”


“When I started school I was pretty unhappy and unsatisfied with myself, my marriage, my work, and spirituality. Through the school, I learned to love and cherish me and love my life. I love the profiles and charts, learning who I am and how I work. I am healthier, happier, I have a ton more energy and my whole life outlook has changed.”

Lydia Kirchthurn


Speak to Us About this VIRTUAL Program

The main areas of study

Each Weekend


You will learn the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile System, a dynamic system that defines the five human life purpose by telling you the one that will become the foundation for your greatness!

Each Weekend


Connect to your unbendable and non-negotiable soul quality within you that has always been and always will be the foundation for your success in the world.

Before Each Weekend


You will be assigned books to read to supplement the course material between classes that will specifically prepare you for the chakra and profile work in class.

Each Weekend


Every great leader is a healer, every healer is a leader. Healing work specifically teaches you how to manage your internal energy and power by focusing it like a laser beam through your life purpose profiles and chakras.

Each Weekend


Between lectures and teaching activities, you will be encouraged to move, dance and play in activities that are fun and free. Letting the inner child play is an essential part of the enlightenment process.

Each Weekend


The most subtle (and most fun!) aspect of personal growth in the program is becoming part of a spiritual family, a soul group. Choosing your own tribe is an essential rite of passage and power.


Speak to Us About the Program

Are you looking for a totally integrated training?

This is the short list of  all we offer in the program.


Full Spectrum Healing


12 Chakra Gateways to your Purpose


5 Life Purpose Soul Profiles


Complete Soul Chart Creation


Cutting-edge scientific study in energy healing and neuroscience


Crystal bowl sound healing and chanting


Vows and past trauma release


Heart/mind and soul congruence


Shadow work


Archetypes and spiritual guides


Chi/spiritual gravity/ Electromagnetic field work


Soulmate and soul-group work/ Relationship Mastery


Life changing meditation practices


Psychic development, dreams and vision work


Your Big Why/Your One Deliverable/Career coaching


Best book club ever




Goal setting to access your greatness


A team of 35 master teachers to support you



$50 Deposit and then Payments begin on November 15


NOW ONLY $4790


$869 EACH

after $50 Deposit


$521 EACH

after $50 Deposit




after $50 Deposit

All extended payment plans have a discounted 10% service fee for the 20-21 school year.

Refund Policy: Full refunds of all moneys paid will be given if canceled within 5 days.

Sign Up Today and Receive These Enrollment Bonuses

special event only discounts

Digital Access to The Missing Piece Profile Training

($249 Value)

Rhys Method® 30 Days to Self-Healing through the Chakras

($997 Value)

Rhys Method® 12 Gateways To Your Life Purpose

($297 Value)

Rhys Method® Full Personal Profile Assessment

($29 Value)

Rhys’ Book, The Missing Piece

($20 Value)

Access to the live stream videos of the AWAKEN! 2018 and AWAKEN! 2019 + AWAKEN! 2020

($149 Value)


5 day 100% money back guarantee


Join us from the comfort of your home VIRTUALLY.

How much more time and resources could you commit right to now to achieving your highest potential that will create more energy, passion and a deep sense of fulfillment for years to come?

Have you really had enough with the old stories and old patterns and are really ready for a change?
What if you weren’t burdened by your stories habits and disfunction of your family of origin and instead see your life as a hero’s journey leading to new career, healthy relationships and a sense of your own value and purpose?

If that is all I taught you would it be worth the time and money… but there is so much more!

Hear from our students…

“My daughter Lydia grew an open heart that was facilitated thru this program. I wanted to experience the same incredible spiritual growth. Reading the books and homework opened my eyes. Sharing with class and hearing their vulnerable shares and the amazing teachers pushed me further. I know I want more.”

Gale Marie Petti

“Being surrounded in love of tribe, staff, and energy. The tribe that will forever be my family. When I started school, 3 years ago, my soul was tired, I was exhausted and felt there has to be something more. The program helped me to rediscover who I am, live in my core, feel alive again, open my heart and sparkle my inner magic. My classmates, teachers and healings and processing through homework and being supported through what was going on was very important. The biggest benefit in my life from the program is living my life and not what others think I should do-live. More inner peace, better guided and using intuition, and not being afraid of being myself.”

Jeanne Burhoe

Are you ready to unlock our highest potential?

Have you worked hard to gain success but still feel empty?

Do you hunger for a life and career that is more true to your soul?

Do you want to optimize your energy body and chakras to heal your past traumas?

Are you ready to align your life with your deepest soul purpose?

Are you looking for a more spiritual and playful community of friends?

Are you ready to create a soul map to your authentic gifts and energy?

When the student is ready to shift the teacher appears, are you ready?

Is it your time now in your life?

Are you ready increase your energy, role back the clock and live an age-defying life?


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