Find Out if RTI is Right For You

If you are reading this congratulations!! By choosing to find out more about the Rhys Thomas Institute and get a call with Rhys to see which program he offers is right for you, you are taken a major step towards a new and exciting chapter in your life!

Whether you’re looking for awakening the healer within, managing stress, sharing your inner gifts out into the world, becoming a new member of a tribe of amazing world changers, or having more fulfilling relationships… you’re in the right place.

To set up a consultation call, please take a moment to complete this application so we can know how best to serve you. Be honest, be truthful, and once you submit your application, you’ll be redirected to Rhys’ calendar to set up your call time. So congratulations again on taking this step. Out team at RTI are excited to support you on your journey towards healing and empowerment!

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